Astrology & The 2012 US Elections

Astrologer Karen White of invited me to be a guest on her weekly radio show on October 19, 2012. In this hour we discuss our thoughts about the 2012 US presidential elections by looking at a few predictive astrology techniques. Karen uses the Vedic astrology techniques of Varshaphala (ancient Persian) and Jaimini. I examineContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Twelfth House

The twelfth house in astrology is our last and final house. Here again there are slight differences between the traditional and modern meanings for this house. While both point to a place where one finds himself alone and secluded, traditional descriptions tend to be much more austere and troublesome than modern definitions. The 12th houseContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Eleventh House

The eleventh house in astrology is a succedent house, being the second house from the angle of the midheaven (10th house cusp). If you’ll remember the other succedent houses – the 2nd, 5th, and 8th – are the houses that are second from their respective angles and commonly refer to the wealth, values, and alliesContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Tenth House

The astrological tenth house sits right at the top of the chart wheel. Because it represents the place where the sun is highest in the sky this house has come to be associated with things that elevate us in the eyes of others – my career, reputation, and social standing within my community. The meaningContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Ninth House

The meaning of the ninth house in astrology has remained fairly constant between traditional and modern astrology. The ninth house can be associated with those things or activities that expand our perception of the world we live in. Higher education, long distance travel, and systems such as religion, philosophy or the law are also indicatedContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Eighth House

Throughout my articles on the astrological houses I’ve talked about how traditional and modern astrology differ, at times, on the meaning of the houses. I believe some of the house meanings differ because of the modern psychological view of the world. If you think about life before the 20th century it was a pretty toughContinue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Seventh House

Astrology is a fascinating study and offers us deep insights into our inner life, motivations, and personality. But none of us exist in a vacuum; we learn even more about ourselves through our interactions with others: our relationships, our jobs, and our group affiliations. In my first article in this series I introduced the ascendent,Continue Reading

The November New Moon: How High Can You Fly?

“The person who makes a success of living is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.” -Cecil B. DeMille If you’ve ever worked with a life coach, project manager, or anyone else involved in taking an idea from inception to implementation then you’ll recognize the need toContinue Reading

Astrologers Across America: John Marchesella, New York New York

This is the thirty-eighth in my series “Astrologers Across America” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] John Marchesella has been working in astrology since 1976. He has a full time practice in New York City, and he is a frequent visitor to Los Angeles for his clientele there, and with the advent of Skype,Continue Reading

Astrology Basics: The Sixth House

In my last blog post about the fifth house I talked about how modern and traditional astrology differ in their interpretation of the various houses. If you’re new to astrology or a student of astrology I’d suggest you use the traditional meanings. I find they’re much more straightforward than the modern meanings and more accuratelyContinue Reading