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recently met with an astrology client who is in his late 20s. John finished an undergraduate degree, but was “dragging his heals” when it came to applying to law school. He felt a bit aimless so he setup an astrology reading with me. During the reading we discussed his father and uncle who are both lawyers and how it was expected that he would join them in the family business.

The trouble was, he wasn’t sure that’s what he felt called to do.

During the astrology reading we explored some of the motivations and challenges he faced based on the energies present in the natal chart. When we explored the symbolism of his moon in the sign of Aquarius it occurred to me that he should be feeding (the moon) the masses (Aquarius).

When I suggested this he lit up!sun

John smiled and admitted that his dream is to start a business that makes restaurant quality food that’s available in local supermarkets. When the natal chart provides such clear confirmation for one’s purpose it reaffirms my belief that the universe is conspiring to manifest our best intentions. That’s what I call “astrology for living.”

Do you want answers that are tailored to where you are right now?  Answers that align with your destiny? Would you like confirmation that your choices are moving you closer to your purpose?

Astrology is for anyone who wants to get the most out of life, but feels unsure about purpose, direction, or timing. Astrology is one kind of map to help you gain perspective, inform your decisions, and lead you to your personal treasure chest. 

Astrology Gives Voice to Our Soul’s Purpose

Are you in transition? Or do you perceive the slight ripples that suggest change is on its way? Perhaps you recently earned your degree and feel uncertain about your future. Or maybe after fourteen years of service to a company (or relationship), you feel ready for a change.

Astrology is an accurate timing device for the cycles that unfold in our lives. For example, are you 29, 42, or 58 years old? These are major cyclical transition years and are important guide posts that reflect times of growth in our personal development. Astrology will help you to understand the story behind the circumstances. 

Being prepared for change can mean the difference between stress and success.

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Horary Astrology: Get Answers, Confirmation, and Insight

A friend of mine in Atlanta, GA, recently asked me, “Will I get work in my field within the next year?” She was laid off about two years ago and had been working for a company in a position that she wasn’t trained for and wasn’t particularly interested in. Reading the horary chart I answered that it would be three months until she found a job in her field; and that some circumstance or understanding of the situation would have to change before the job could happen. To the day, three months later, she began working with a small company as a contractor rather than an employee ( a change on her part).  The pay was acceptable and it was in her field. She was thrilled!

Do you have a burning question you’d love to have an answer for? Horary astrology can give clear, concise, and accurate answers to many of life’s everyday questions. Horary astrology provides strikingly accurate answers that may alleviate anxiety, confirm your gut-feeling, and prepare you for the possibilities.

For example, would you like to know:

  • Will I get the job I applied for?

  • I just met someone I really like; is he the one for me?

  • I lost something of great sentimental value; will I ever find it?

  • Will my husband’s business be successful?

  • When will I get the commission promised by my client?

  • If I sell my house this year will I make a decent profit?

  • If I’m offered the promotion, should I take it?

Astrology is a reflection of synchronicity and the techniques of horary astrology give clear and specific answers to life’s everyday questions.

Send me your question and a chart will be cast for the time I read and understand it. This may require me to call or email you for more details in order to fully understand the underlying issue. Once the question is understood I read the chart using time-tested rules to give you a direct and probable answer to your question.

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I believe Astrology is both an art and a science. Astrology is part science because it requires an understanding of astronomical phenomena that can be empirically measured, like planetary speed, angular aspects, and visibility.

And astrology is an art. I weave together the symbols found in the chart to construct the story that resonates with your personal experience. Astrology is an excellent tool for working on personal growth, coaching towards a specific goal, or getting a simple “yes” or “no” answer.